Climatic Data for Building Design Standards
ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 169

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    Tuesday, 5 Jan 2021  
    10:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Full Committee
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    Title, Purpose, and Scope

    1. PURPOSE

    This standard provides recognized climatic data for use in building design and related equipment standards.

    2. SCOPE

    2.1 This standard covers climatic data used in ASHRAE standards, including dry-bulb, dew-point, and wet-bulb temperatures, enthalpy, humidity ratio, wind conditions, solar irradiation, latitude, longitude, and elevation for locations worldwide.

    2.2 This standard also includes statistical data, such as mean temperatures, average temperatures, mean/median annual extremes, daily ranges, heating and cooling degree-days and degree hours, hours and seasonal percentages within ranges of temperatures, as well as bins.


    Committee Chair

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    Dru Crawley


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    Didier Thevenard

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